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FamilyContrary to popular belief, the drycleaning industry is one of the pioneers in the environmental movement. Although it is widely held that drycleaning was discovered by accident, there is no doubt that drycleaning businesses initially flourished in order to postpone the premature disposal of oil-stained clothing and household items. If drycleaning had not been discovered, landfill space today would certainly be at a much higher premium. Even with today’s modern home-washing technologies, many clothing items could not be worn again without a trip to the drycleaner. With that in mind, it could be said that your drycleaner is one of the premier providers of recycled goods!

At Fashion Fresh, while we focus on providing the best drycleaning and laundry services available, including prolonging the life span of your wardrobe and household items, we are also committed to doing our part for a clean environment. How? --- We recycle our drycleaning fluid on site through the use of the most advanced distillation equipment, thereby minimizing solvent waste. We also dispose of materials according to government regulations, which are then recycled using the best method for the environment. And all of our processes meet or exceed clean air and water standards. In addition to being a Certified Master Drycleaner, Fashion Fresh is a Certified Environmental Drycleaner, having met all the requirements set forth by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute.  

Recycled Clothes Hangers

We also encourage customers to bring back clothes hangers and plastic bags, so they too can be recycled. We even accept rough looking, bent hangers so that we can provide free hangers to families and charities that need them for yard sales and fund-raising events. So let Fashion Fresh recycle all of your excess hangers, regardless of their condition, because being a responsible citizen is part of our promise of world-class excellence.

Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner

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