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dry cleaned clothes on hangersFashion Fresh is one of just eight licensed Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaners® (CMD) in Tennessee. As a Sanitone CMD, we are required to meet or exceed high standards set for a range of functions affecting the quality and life span of your cleaned garments. We are proud to have earned this seal of distinction that assures the most consistent cleaning process available. The most critical standard that Sanitone technicians enforce is the use of clean solvent. (To learn how and why we use clean solvent on your family’s clothes, click here.)

Sanitone technicians inspect often

and without notification

To ensure that we maintain Sanitone’s high standards, a Sanitone technician routinely inspects our cleaning system and our service, both without prior notification. If we fail to maintain their high standards, we would lose our status as a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner. The Sanitone process is unique and unsurpassed, and it sets us apart from other drycleaners.

The Sanitone process extends the

life of your wardrobe

dry cleaned suit on dresserThe cost of purchasing your clothing is an expensive outlay — both in money and time. Fashion Fresh pledges to help you protect that investment with our quality of service and specific Sanitone cleaning processes that emphasize extending the life of your wardrobe. Also, as a Certified Master Drycleaner, we pay attention to detail and inspect for stains and wrinkling.

We provide gentle hand cleaning on appropriate items and we air dry certain fragile articles to provide that extra gentle care. Our skilled pressers use modern, high-end finishing equipment in order to provide the finest look available in the industry. Our Sanitone processes, procedures and superior chemistry combined with using clean, purified solvent result in whiter whites, bolder colors and prolonged life for your garments and household items every day, 52 weeks a year. In other words: Professional Care ~ Lasting WearSM.

Free Shipping!

Fashion Fresh will provide free return shipping on drycleaning if you live outside our immediate service area and do not have access to a Sanitone drycleaner. Refer to our Locations section for shipping information. Be sure to include your return address and telephone. We will phone you for credit card information after invoicing your order.

The Sanitone process is the only drycleaning method recommended by clothiers and designers!

Man carrying dry cleaned clothesThe Sanitone process is recognized as the premier drycleaning method around the world and is the only drycleaning process recommended by leading clothiers and designers like Jones New York, Hickey Freeman, Evan-Picone, Pendleton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Stanley Blacker, Tom James and many others. Why do these high-end clothiers recommend Sanitone? Because they know that each independent Sanitone drycleaner is routinely inspected to ensure that high standards are consistently met! So extend the life of your wardrobe and your household items with Fashion Fresh, Columbia's only Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner.

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Our Sanitone® process is the only drycleaning recommended by clothiers and designers

It's our commitment to quality that makes Fashion Fresh Cleaners the area's only Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner

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